Crown Guardians

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Welcome to Crown Guardians

Crown Guardians provide a friendly, professional and comprehensive service for overseas students studying anywhere in England and Wales.

We work hard to take care of all the day to day and practical arrangements. More importantly we work hard to make sure your child is happy, well and is making the best possible progress academically.

What we provide

  • Student Guardianship - We provide 24 hour, 7 day a week support, advice and assistance for students, families, schools and agents.
  • Homestay Arrangements - Background checked, visited and monitored. The host families we work with have mostly been with us for many years and they will always work hard to make sure your child is happy.
  • School Selection and Advice - We visit schools every day and know past and present students, school staff and management well. We are here to provide prompt and honest advice and assistance.
  • Private and Holiday Tuition - We provide advice and assistance with arranging homestay or residential study courses or 1 to 1 private tuition to help with English, IELTS or any other GCSE/ A level subject.
  • University Guidance and Advice - We provide access to the best possible advisors to help students get into the university of their choice.